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Wired Floor Pressure Sensor Mat

Short Description:

Pressure-triggered Floor Sensor mat can be used next to a bed or chair in conjunction with resident fall monitors to detect when residents are getting up off of a chair or bed.Floor sensor mat can be also used  in a doorway to monitor persons who are at risk from wandering, or to monitor entry or exit from an area or room. It also can be connected to nurse call system by directly plugging the lead of the floor mat into the call cord receptacle on patient station.

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  • Large, heavy-duty, nonslip grips assure that the sensor pad does not move
  • No false alarms. When the patient steps on the mat ,the alarm rings.
  • By being placed near the doorway, it can monitor entry and exit from room
  • Thin edges let wheelchairs roll onto the pad, and prevent residents from accidentally tripping over the mat.
  • Water and bodily fluids resistance, prevent damage due to incontinent episodes and clean fluids.
  • ISO 9000 & ISO 13485 factory manufacture.


  • FM36-01,Soft Non-Slip Floor Sensor Mat, 1 years, 36" x 24"
  • FM47-01,Soft Non-Slip Floor Sensor Mat, 1 years, 47" x 24"
  • FM36-02,Foldable Standard Non-Slip Floor Sensor Mat, 1years, 36" x 24"
  • FM47-02,Foldable Standard Non-Slip Floor Sensor Mat, 1 years, 47" x 24"

Cord connector option: Modular connector4P/6P


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