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Voice Pad Alarm Monitor

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Standard Fall Prevention Monitors are used with weight-sensitve pressure pads to construct a fall prevent system for bed,chair or wheelchair. When connected with a pressure pad , the monitor alarm sounds to alert the risk of fall when weight is removed from the pressure pad because of a frail and vulnerable patient or weak elderly attempting to exit the chairs or wheelchairs without assistance.

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  • Customizable voice option : Alerts the Resident to user prerecord remind voice “JOHN ,Please sit back down,”helps eliminate staff-to-patient language barriers ,remind the patient/resident to wait for staff.
  • Wireless range:150 feet in building (can be extend to 300-500 feet by repeaters)
  • Flexible & Versatile
  • Multiple Alarm Tone /music Options
  • Power adapter jack(optional):It allows AC power adaptor operated with battery backup for power loses.


  • 823203-----Voice Pad Alarm Monitor
  • 823204-----Voice Pad Magnet Alarm Monitor(two in one)
  • 823301-----Wireless Voice Pad Alarm Monitor
  • 823302----- Wireless Voice Pad Magnet Alarm Monitor (two in one)

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