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LIREN Electric Steps Up Global Presence with Innovative Solutions for Senior Care

(Chengdu, China) – (May 23, 2024) LIREN Electric Company Limited, a leading manufacturer of healthcare products dedicated to senior care solutions, announces its ambitious expansion into the global market. Recognizing the rising need for effective care for older adults worldwide, LIREN brings a comprehensive suite of innovative products designed to empower caregivers, promote senior independence, and ensure safety and well-being.

A Tailored Approach to Senior Care

LIREN’s advanced product line caters to diverse senior care needs. It features:

Pressure Sensor Pads (Corded and Cordless): Discreetly placed on bed or chair, these pads utilize pressure sensors to detect potential falls or extended inactivity. Available in both corded and cordless options, they offer maximum flexibility in placement and use. The corded option ensures a reliable connection, while the cordless option provides greater freedom of movement within the care environment.

Alarm Monitor: This user-friendly device acts as the central hub of the LIREN system. It receives and displays alerts triggered by the pressure sensor pads, notifying caregivers of potential issues with a clear visual and audible signal. The intuitive design allows caregivers to quickly understand the nature of the alert and respond promptly.

Safety and Healthcare Alarm: This versatile alarm goes beyond fall detection. It can be used independently or in conjunction with the pressure sensor pads. Caregivers can customize the alarm for various scenarios, such as monitoring a senior prone to wandering or requiring medication reminders. This multi-functionality provides an additional layer of security and peace of mind.

Wireless Receiver and Display:  This innovative device offers remote monitoring capabilities, allowing caregivers to receive alerts from the pressure sensor pads on a designated device like a pager. This empowers caregivers with greater mobility within the care environment, ensuring they can respond efficiently while attending to other duties.

A Global Vision for Senior Well-being

These products, along with LIREN’s dedicated caregiver program, create a holistic solution for senior care facilities and families alike.

“We are committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions that give families and facilities peace of mind and allow seniors to maintain their independence for as long as possible,” says John Li, President of LIREN Electric. “Our expansion into the global market is driven by the growing need for effective senior care solutions worldwide.”

LIREN is actively seeking distributors to partner with in key markets. Interested parties are encouraged to contact via customerservice@lirenltd.com for more details.

About LIREN Electric Company Limited

LIREN Electric Company Limited is a leading manufacturer of healthcare products focused on senior care solutions. Based in China, LIREN offers a comprehensive range of innovative products designed to improve the safety, well-being, and independence of older adults. With a commitment to quality and reliability, LIREN is dedicated to empowering caregivers and fostering peace of mind for families and facilities around the world.

Contact in Business Hours:

Email: customerservice@lirenltd.com

Phone: +86 13980482356


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